German Apple Donuts - Apfelkrapfen

apfelkrapfen apple donuts

This is a recipe for delicious German apple donuts or Apfelkrapfen in German. To make them you would use the Kathi German Yeast Dough Baking Mix. You just need to add some fresh ingredients. Perfect for baking beginners. Happy Baking!

german apple donuts

Ingredients German Apple Donuts

Makes 15 Donuts

For the Dough
• 1 baking Mix Kathi Yeast Dough 
• 60 g butter or margarine
• 180 ml water
• 1 egg

For the Filling

• 2 medium size apples
• 50 g raisins
• sugar and cinnamon
• grease/oil for the deep fryer

Baking Instructions German Apple Donuts


Soak the raisins in warm water or - optional - in dark rum.
Combine Baking mix with the yeast.
Add butter, egg and water .
Knead for about 3  min with a hand mixer and kneading hooks until you get a smooth dough.
Cover dough with a clean kitchen cloth and let raise for 20 min at a warm place.

Meanwhile peel apples, remove cores and cut in small pieces.
Drain the raisins and add with apples to the dough. 
Let raise again for 15 min.  

Prepare the deep fryer.
When you get the desired temperature remove 2 tsp from the dough and place into the hot oil.

Combine sugar and cinnamon.
When done remove donuts with a slotted spoon, drain on kitchen paper and turn in the sugar-cinnamon mix.





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