Raspberry Cream Dessert from a Dr Oetker Mix

Dr Oetker Dessert German dessert Raspberry dessert Summer Dessert

This German raspberry cream dessert is super easy to make by using the convenient cream mix from Dr Oetker. Just add fresh raspberries and a couple of other ingredients and ready is the finest summer dessert. Find the raspberry cream and vanilla sugar in our shop.

raspberry cream dessert

Ingredients Berry Cream Dessert

150 g Cantuccini (almond biscotti) - alternatively Leibniz butter cookies 
8 tbsp orange juice 
250 g fresh raspberries
1 pk vanilla sugar 

For the Cream
250 ml milk 
1 Dr Oetker Mix Raspberry Dessert 
250 g mascarpone
4 tbsp orange juice



1. Set aside some cantuccini (cookies) for decoration.
Crumble remaining ones coarsely. Place the crumbles into dessert glasses.
Pour 1 tbsp orange juice on the crumbles in each glass.
Wash fresh raspberries. Pat dry or let dry on kitchen paper. Set some berries aside for decoration. 
Combine berries with vanilla sugar and remaining 4 tbsp orange juice. 

2. Place milk into a bowl, add the package powder. With a hand mixer beat  on lowest level briefly, then for 2 min on highest level.

Combine mascarpone with orange juice. 
Add half of the cream on the cantucci crumbles. Then add the raspberries plus on top the remaining cream. You will have 4 layers.
Refrigerate the cream for at least 1 hour.

3.  Before serving decorate the top of each glass with cantuccini and rasp berries. 

If you use frozen berries let them defrost first.

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