Strawberry Pancake Skewers

dr oetker mix pancakes

If you love pancakes you will love this recipe for strawberry pancake skewers.
The recipe is using the mix for classic pancakes from Dr Oetker.
Just add fresh strawberries, buttermilk, an egg and Nutella - ready! Makes a wonderful addition for a breakfast or brunch.


400 ml butter milk
1 egg
1 Pancake Mix Dr Oetker  
about 500 g fresh, smaller strawberries 
some nutella
Butter or ghee for frying



1. Wash and prepare strawberries.

2. Make the Pancakes:
Place butter milk into a bowl, add the package powder and egg. Whisk until the dough is smooth. 
Melt butter in a non-stick pan. Add for each pancake 1 tbsp of dough (the pancakes are quite small).
Fry evenly on both sides. Make about 24 little pancakes.

3. Spread Nutella on each pancake and fold them.
For 1 skewer use 4 strawberries and 3 folded pancakes.

If you like you can add some maple syrup or powdered sugar before serving.

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