German Hazelnut Macaroons Recipe for Christmas Holidays

christmas cookies German Christmas Cookies

This is the recipe for the German Hazelnut Macaroons (in German "Haselnussmakronen") -  traditional and classic German cookies for the Holiday season and Christmas.
Germany is known for its unique and delicious Christmas Bakery. If you have not made any German Christmas cookies before, then this recipe is very good to  start with. In Germany we use very thin baking wafers for these cookies that we call "Oblaten".
Find them in the shop! Happy Baking!

german hazelnut macaroons

Ingredients German Hazelnut Macaroons 

4 egg white
200 g fine sugar (confectionery sugar)
200 g ground hazelnuts or hazelnut flour
hazelnuts cut in half for decoration
1 hint of cinnamon
2 tbsp flour for dusting
30 wafers, 40 or 50mm (very thin round wafers ) - optional

Baking Instructions German Hazelnut Macaroons

- Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.
- Beat egg white with a dash of salt until very firm by using a hand mixer (it must be so firm that if you cut it with the knife, you would see the cut).
- Add sugar; sieve it over the firm egg white and mix carefully.

- Then add the hazelnuts and cinnamon, and mix it carefully with a wooden spoon. If you cannot get ground hazelnuts or hazelnut flour, you can use a coffee grinder to grind them.
- Dust a baking tray with flour or layer it with parchment paper.
- Place on each wafer with 2 teaspoons a small amount of hazelnut batter and place in the middle one half of a hazelnut (or a small whole one).
- Bake them for 10-15 minutes depending on the oven. Check frequently, you don't want the wafers become brown.

If you want you can bake them without the wafers too.
Instead using wafers for the bottom you can use melted chocolate and dip the bottoms of the baked macaroons in it briefly.

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