German Semolina Pudding Griessbrei Recipe

Griessbrei semolina pudding

German Semolina Pudding  is called in German "Griessbrei" and it is a dessert or a simple sweet dish.
Serve it with apple sauce or other fruit, or just with a mix of sugar and cinnamon. It makes a great breakfast as well. Add sweetness to your taste!

What is Semolina?
Semolina is the gritty by-product that gets sifted out when wheat is milled to make flour. Or in other words:  It is the heart of the wheat kernel or also known as the endosperm. Sounds healthy as it contains iron, vitamin B and selenium. That's why we feed the German babies and children semolina. Happy Cooking!

There are 2 groups of Semolina 
  • Hartweizen Semolina (Durum) used for pasta and
  • Weichweizen Semolina (Soft Wheat) for bread, dessert, pudding
For this recipe you would use Weichweizen Griess.

german semolina pudding

Ingredients German Semolina Pudding

1/2 liter milk
100 g semolina (Weichweizen, soft wheat)
sugar to taste
1 tsp liquid vanilla or 1 package vanilla sugar (adds more sweetness)
mixed cinnamon and sugar

Fruit that you can add
Sour cherries (from the jar, de-pitted)
Peaches fresh or from the jar
Strawberries (cut them in pieces, add a bit of sugar if needed, then add to semolina pudding)
Pear halves (fresh or jar)
All kinds of frozen fruit

Apples as:

- stewed fruit (compote)
- apple sauce and/or apple puree (Apfelmus)

Cooking Instructions German Semolina Pudding

- Pour the milk into a pan and heat it slowly up on low-medium heat. Make sure the milk will not settle on the bottom of the pan.
- Check if milk is warm, then stir in the semolina and mix well by using a wire whisk.
- Add the sugar to taste, and keep it on low heat until milk and semolina become creamy like a pudding.
- Fill into bowl.



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