German Waffles with Orange Almond Filling- Using Kathi Waffle Mix

This is a recipe for delicious German Waffles with Orange Almond Filling for which you would use the Kathi German Waffle Baking Mix. You just need to add some fresh ingredients. Perfect for baking beginners.

waffles with an orange almond filling

Makes  6-8 waffles

For the Dough
1 Kathi German Waffle Baking Mix
• 3 eggs
• 150 g butter or margarine
• 200 ml orange juice
• 40 g chopped almonds

For the Filling
• 2 oranges
• 2 tbsp sugar
• 4 tbsp orange juice
• 250 g quark - Find German Style Quark here - 
• 100 g heavy cream 


Baking Instructions German Waffles with Orange Almond Filling

To make these waffles you need to fillet the oranges. If you kn ow how to do this, that's awesome. If not, here is the How to do page for it:
- How to Fillet an Orange -

Alternatively you can use canned mandarines (1-2 small cans). Make sure to use unsweetened ones.

When you have done this, cut the orange into very small pieces.
Combine quark with sugar and orange juice.
Beat heavy cream until firm, add to the quark cream.
Also add the orange pieces.



  • Separate eggs, beat the egg white until firm. Tip: Add a dash of salt.
  • Use the baking mix and combine with butter, orange juic, almonds and egg yolks.
  • Mix until creamy.
  • Fold in firm egg whites.
  • Prepare waffle maker per instructions.
  • If needed add some butter.
  • With a ladle pour some dough. Close waffle maker and let bake for 2-3 min.

Break the waffles into single pieces.
Spread the filling on one waffle piece and place another one on top.

Place them on a plate and if you like dust them with powdered sugar.

 waffle making 


Make Quark from Scratch - Go to The Recipe





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