Gluhwein Spice Bags - Hot Mulled Wine Spice - Imported from Germany
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Gluhwein Spice Bags - Hot Mulled Wine Spice - Imported from Germany

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In 1882, Teekanne (which is German word for teapot) began as a family-owned company selling teas. It also was the first tea company that brought in 1929 tea in small bags on the market. The double-chamber tea bags used became hugely popular.
Today, the filter paper of the Teekanne flow-through bags is folded and closed without adhesives and the thread is knotted securely to the top of the bag in a patented procedure which avoids the use of aluminum staples.

Gluhwein Spice Bags - Hot Mulled Wine Spice - Imported from Germany

With these spices that come in convenient bags you can make the popular German hot mulled wine or Glühwein by steeping one teabag in 8 ounces of warmed red wine for at least 5 minutes.

Of course you can make an alcohol-free version: Just use grape juice or apple cider.

Enjoy this tea with some Lebkuchen. 

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  • Amount: 20 double-chambered tea bags
  • Caffeine free tea
  • Imported from Germany
  • Contains no sugar
  • Non-GMO ingredients 

Cinnamon (61%), orange peel (26%), cardamom, sweet blackberry leaves, cloves

Because it is a German product the instructions are in German on the package.
You need Red Wine 1/4 liter or 1 cup (apple juice, grape juice) and sugar to taste.

- Place the bag into a cup and add 250 ml of hot wine or cider
- Let it steep for 5 minutes.
- 250 ml is about one cup plus 2 teaspoons.
It might be getting even a better taste if you wait longer than 5 minutes but that is a personal choice on how strong that you like it.
Basically you make it like using teabags.

Add one  or more bags to the already made Gluhwein in bottles.



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