german delicatessen box - with made in germany food items
german food box containing made in USA landjager
german food box maggi gravy for jagerschnitzel, just add the meat
love german food box with made in germany spatzle - Swabian Bechtle Spätzle
love german food box with german soups, griess nockerl soup
Love German Food

Best German Food Package - With Authentic German Food Products

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This German Food Package is filled with  authentic German Food Products - All of them are "Made in Germany"  and can only be found in special German Stores. Except the Landjäger is Made in USA. Available throughout the year.

Up to 10 Hand Selected authentic GERMAN FOOD PRODUCTS such as

  • German Red Cabbage

  • German Sauerkraut

  • German Mustard

  • Rahm Schnitzel Gravy

  • 2 German Soups you can't get anywhere else

  • German Spätzle

  • Dr Oetker Vanilla Pudding

  • 2 links Landjäger (4 pieces, Made in USA)... and more

With the content of this box you can make 3-4 meals. Just add sausages and the needed meat. A traditional German Dessert is included!


Retail Value: $60.00 - Save More than $25.00

PS: The box does not contain perishable products, only the Landjaeger that is a non-perishable meat stick with a shelf life of 1 year.

USA ONLY (APO might be possible)

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