German Baking Box

german baking box


Baking German cakes does not have to be complicated. You just need the special ingredients and the recipes!

That's why we launched the German Baking Box. We want to make baking German cakes easy!

Every German Baking Box includes

  • 1 Baking Mix of your choice - Choose from 4 Mixes
  • Typical special German baking ingredients such as Vanilla Sugar, Baking Powder and flavors.
  • Special ingredients like for example the German Topkuss for a German Topkuss cake - recipe included.
  • One cake recipe that can be made right away. You just have to add the fresh ingredients and flour.
  • Specific German baking ingredients for the Christmas Baking such as lebkuchen spices, Oblaten (wafers), Hirschhornsalt and more.

    german baking box