German Valentines Day Gift Box

valentines day german gift box

We from know Germany, its food, culture and people. Valentine's Day is BIG in Germany, like in the USA. 
It does not have to be flowers all the time - Our Gift box will surprise your beloved one. 
It's been wrapped and put together with the greatest care. is the only company that will create such a gift box for you.

Give THIS SPECIAL GIFT to your beloved one 

The German Valentins Day Gift Box

Gift Box features

  • Each gift box comes with 6-8 authentic Made in Germany Food products
  • PLUS a hand crafted item like a heart shaped soap
  • Each gift box is wrapped in lovley Valentines paper and comes with a special card
  • We can send the gift box directly to your beloved one.
  • Every item in the gift box is hand selected and of typical German high quality

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